Lesson Policies

Welcome to TheViolinTeacher.ca. Beginner or advanced, on-line or in person, I am happy to help you reach your musical goals.

Rate per lesson:

1/2 hour —  $25.00

3/4 hour —  $37.50

1 hour —  $50.00


Payment is made at the start of each month, either by e-transfer, cheque, or cash.


Lessons that are cancelled within 24 hours (for reasons other than illness) will not be refunded.

If I am given sufficient notice, I will reschedule missed lessons at another time. Makeup classes must be used within the current teaching year.

Lessons missed by the teacher will be made up at a mutually agreed upon time.

Four weeks notice is required if you intend on quitting lessons.


Progress only comes with regular practice. Organizing a specific time to practice each day is very helpful in making sure that this happens. While the amount of practice time will vary for different ages and goals, 30 minutes a day (or 15 minutes for very young students) and 5 days a week is a good starting point. More advanced students will require more practice, and we can discuss what an appropriate amount of time would be.

When parents are actively involved in the student’s practice, ensuring that goals are being met, progress is always faster. This is especially important for young children, who will need constant attention as they practice, but even older students benefit greatly when parents are not only making sure that sufficient practice is happening, but also that they are staying on task.

Listening to the music being studied is very important, as is practising with good posture. Also, be sure that a music stand is being used and that the violin is tuned every day.

What to Bring to the Lesson

  • Your violin (in good working order), rosin, and your shoulder rest. It is good to have an electric tuner to use at home. (I have one you can use here.)
  • Any music, technique, or theory books you are working on. (A music bag is very helpful.)
  • A duotang in which to write instructions and hold practice records.