David is an expert at teaching the violin to young children both in-person and online. He has worked hard to maintain a balanced program of classical and new, of technique and theory, of hard work and fun. He is continually upping the game with new technologies to enhance the learning experience and keep students engaged. My daughter has been doing violin lessons now for almost three years, and looks forward to her session each week and is motivated to continue improving. — Joel

My young son has been taking lessons with Mr. Voth for over almost three years and we are so grateful for Mr. Voth’s evident passion for both violin and teaching. He is warm, innovative, attentive, and wise.  We have all learned from him and are reminded to put our whole hearts into whatever we choose to pursue.  My son’s life is richer for knowing him, and he is so proud of himself for the progress he has made.  — Shari-Anne & Jeremy

We have had many years worth of lessons with David with different kids. The thing that has impressed me most over the years is how he is able to adapt his teaching to suit the needs and abilities of each child. He hasn’t only studied the nuances of music but also of the mind and knows how to motivate and inspire. I highly recommend him as a teacher and musician. — Kirstin

David’s diligent patience has really helped my girls blossom as violinists.  He encourages and supports them while challenging them to stretch and grow.  Through the years, it has become evident that their practice and instruction with David has helped them both develop good habits as students (and as people in general).  Thanks, Mr. Voth!  🙂 — Jill

Mr. Voth has been teaching me violin for almost eight years. He is an amazing violin teacher! He works patiently with you and helps you improve very quickly. He’s funny and smart, energetic and ready to show you new steps to work on. I would definitely recommend him to anyone! He works on forming a relationship with each of his students. If you are looking for a violin teacher he’s awesome. — Izabella (13)

I’ve been Mr. Voth’s student for 9 years now and have enjoyed every class! He makes learning violin and theory fun and is a very encouraging teacher. He really cares about every student and uses different and effective teaching methods that have helped me learn and grow in a positive environment. At the moment I’m a member of a professional youth orchestra and he has continually supported me and has given me useful techniques when it comes to playing in an orchestra. Thank you Mr Voth! — Valeishka (16)

Our daughters started taking violin lessons with Mr Voth since a very young age. What I really liked at first is that he allows a parent to stay during class and observe so we can help better with practice at home (otherwise I would have no idea 🙂.) Both of our daughters participated in festivals, recitals and enjoyed every time. He is very patient, respectful, organized and tries different techniques for a better learning experience. Our daughters are teens now and they still want to go to Mr Voth for lessons. So that means something! 😁 Thank you, Mr Voth. — Maria 

I have been taking violin lessons from Mr. Voth for almost seven years. His teaching style has helped me immensely in becoming a better player. He has introduced me to amazing programs, such as the Chilliwack Youth Orchestra, and he teaches a wide range of music styles. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher! — Aaliyah

I’ve been with Mr. Voth for two years and he’s taught me with all his patience learning from the basic to intermediate beginner, it took me all this time to see that Mr. Voth is a great teacher and taking his time to understand me, because my first language isn’t English. So I highly recommend Mr. Voth for any age and any level of knowledge. — Chely

Violin lessons have richly added to our family’s culture. My 5 children, aged 6 – 16, look forward to their weekly lessons with Mr. Voth. Over the past 9 years Mr. Voth has been consistently professional, friendly, and a good mentor. He has excelled in instructing my children while considering each child’s unique learning style. — Laura

Mr. Voth makes lessons fun! I wouldn’t have improved as much without him. — Selina

I took violin lessons as a child, and then put it down for more than 30 years. In all that time, I never lost my love for the instrument and a few months ago, I decided to take lessons again. David came highly recommended, so I decided to give him a try. I haven’t looked back. I am very happy with the progress I’ve been able to make because of David’s kind encouragement and incisive, practical advice. He is a gifted teacher. His love for the violin is infectious – and of course he plays beautifully, too! I hope to keep learning from him for a long time to come. — Lydia